Pastors and church leaders love/hate the idea. Bloggers and reporters love/hate the idea. YOU love/hate the idea.

Guy Kawasaki--high-tech evangelist (yes, they're not just for churches anymore)--had this to say.

The hell-bound atheists at Unreasonable Faith--kidding! atheists don't believe in hell!--got their ChurchRater on in style...going to town on our atheist, ironically.

"Extremely stupid... considerable merit..." this is what commenters on a recent ReadWriteWeb article have to say!

ChurchRater's Tyler Mahoney, a Duke divinity student and former resident of the great state of Alaska (where ChurchRater strongly believes in getting behind some pork barrel spending because when Tyler's in Alaska, it's a bridge to SOMEWHERE) was featured in all his church-rating glory--typing away right there in the pew!!!--in the Raleigh News & Observer.

Jim Henderson--yes, THAT Jim Henderson... the one who bought a soul on eBay, the one who wrote a book with an atheist, the one whose son invented Bacon Jam--made his way into the pages of the Seattle Times as well. Those buying the paper to catch up on Garfield were sorely disappointed. (Though those who enjoy Garfield Minus Garfield were predictably dispassionate.)

Also, Sister Sunnshine--video blogger--thinks we're no good whatsoever for anyone, forever and always. Amen.

TV? Yes, TV! Move over Osteen, now there's something meatier! Check out what the viewers of KING 5 TV and FOX 13 in Seattle were subjected to, those lucky devils. I mean, angels. Or neither. Who's to say...?

Like the idea? Don't like the idea? We'd like to know what you think and why, so give us a taste of our own medicine. Be polite and respect our guidelines, or we will banish you for all eternity... and then some.

From Pastor Barry Crane, Northsound Church, Edmonds, WA
In his bestseller, Good to Great, Jim Collins talks about improving how companies do business. One of his key points is it is vital that we "Confront the Brutal Facts" about what we are doing. He reminds us that in order to improve what we do as organizations, we need to take a good hard look at the good, the bad and the ugly. We usually don’t have a problem hearing about the good, but the bad and the ugly is another story!

At North Sound Church we want to get better at what we do, so we knew we needed to confront the bad and the ugly along with the good. ChurchRaters provided us with a powerful means of seeing our ministry through the eyes of others … unchurched people who have no vested interest in our congregation who would be brutally honest. If we were serious about reaching those who don’t know Jesus, it just made sense for us to see how they felt about their experience with us. The “visitors” who attended a recent church service offered fifteen specific “takeaways” that we have been able to process as a staff and board.

Someone has said, “We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are.” One of the best ways to see our local church “world” through the eyes of others is to invite outsiders “in”. ChurchRater provided a quality service at a reasonable cost to help us get the information we needed.

From Pastor Don Ross, Creekside Church, WA

Having Church Rater visit Creekside Church was a real plus for us. Hearing and reading honest, raw reflections from people in our target audience and who had no agenda other than, well, honest raw reflections was helpful. One of the most impacting statements from one of the self proclaimed non-believers, after hearing about our work of building a home for the homeless in Mexico was, "I don't want to go to your church, but I'd love to be invited to help with a project like that."

I'm not totally sure what we'll do with all the analysis data, but we will now begin to look at every service project as a possible outreach venue as well. I have already shared our CR report with other pastors and will encourage them to have you in as well. The information gained for the low cost is well worth the investment. I think some pastors may be concerned about hiring people to criticize their work/church because they get enough of that for free, but that is NOT constructive, unbiased criticism and this is. After all, people are already thinking and saying these things anyway, doesn't it benefit us to know this information as soon as possible? I think it does. Thanks again for doing this helpful work others can't or won't, many misunderstand and some even ridicule.