Windward Worship Center

45-416 Kamehameha Highway
Senior Pastor: 
Gary Langley
Other Pentecostal
I Will Rate The People, Since I Am The Pastor

I pastor the greatest people on the planet! It is a church full of the demographic we are told can not be reached: twenty-something singles primarily. They absolutely rock, and they keep me young. Great hearts, passion, using their gifts to bless others, contemporary (hold the cheese, please) and relevant without trendiness or show-biz. These folks are the real deal, without any plastic sainthood and pious religiosity.



I've lived all over, and I've attended a lot of churches. The one I call home is Windward Worship Center. That's my family. If you want a no-compromise look at God's love and a supportive family to go with it, this is the place for you. I promise you will be welcomed with open arms, and how involved you get is entirely up to you... so jump in.


Going to services isn't a vastly, fist-eatingly boring ordeal. And the pastor's not on a bender for his/her own personal troubles--no "I have a gambling (substance, food, self, etc.) addiction, so y'all are gonna have to hear about the evils of gambling (substance, food, self, etc.) EVERY SERVICE!!!"


Is there any way that we could get leadership notes? Or would this be inappropriate? My heart is still with WWC and I am so interested in what is happening and where you are going. I am still praying as the Lord leads me.


The young adults did not seem very friendly, kind of cliquish. Older adults very friendly. Nice spirit. Relevant preaching for today. Outreach ministries?

Great feedback, Cindy. This is the kind of honesty that becomes a topic for discussion at our leadership meetings!

I hope you return and have a better experience with the level of friendliness, and I hope we (as a church) can do better.

About that volume level: you are correct again, but (here comes the obligatory defensive rationalization) it is largely a function of having a building that is way too small for amplified sound. We are searching, praying and actively pursuing a larger place to meet that will accommodate our growth and allow a litle breathing room for the band. We also plan to replace the on-stage wedge monitors (the source of most of the excessive volume) with some kind of in-ear monitors.

I really do appreciate the feedback, a lot. MAHALO!


Awesome .. . .

Nice blog..!


The first Christians were, like Jesus, Jews resident in Israel who worshiped on occasion in the Temple in Jerusalem and weekly in local synagogues. Temple worship was a ritual involving sacrifice, occasionally including the sacrifice of animals in atonement for sin, offered to the God of Israel. The New Testament includes many references to Jesus visiting the Temple, the first time as an infant with his parents, see Presentation of Jesus at the Temple. The early history of the synagogue is obscure, but it seems to be an institution developed for public Jewish worship during the Babylonian captivity when the Jews (and Jewish Proselytes) did not have access to a Temple (the First Temple having been destroyed c. 586 BC) for ritual sacrifice. Instead, they developed a daily and weekly service of readings from the Torah, and possibly also the Prophets, followed by commentary. This could be carried out in a house if the attendance was small enough, and in many towns of the Diaspora that was the case. In others, more elaborate architectural settings developed, sometimes by converting a house and sometimes by converting a previously public building. The minimum requirements seem to have been a meeting room with adequate seating, a case for the Torah scroll, and a raised platform for the reader.