Westminster Presbyterian Church

Senior Pastor: 
Tom Young
Stay Home or Better Yet, Go to Another Church

typical lackluster presbyterian church; bible is read, but not interpreted for adults; kids sermon is down-to-earth; stuffy anglo saxon white community


i agree w/the first rater; preaching jumps all over the place and yet congregation thinks the preaching is wonderful. I don't know why as there's an outreach church across the street where preaching is biblically based and relevant - readers should go there; i think the name of the church is The Bridege Christian Church.


I'm just amazingly curious as to why, if you find the church so ... unattractive--why do you keep going?  You noted yourself as regular attender.  Have you stopped attending now?  Is it sort of a comfortable habit?  I'd love to hear more about that.

Attending here was a mistake. The preacher wings it but in doing so, never completes a thought. I couldn't follow his theme as there wasn't one.


My husband and I were excited to find attend this church as we had recently moved to Dubuque and we are (were) Presbyterians. The building stands tall on the corner and from what we learned from the PCUSA web site, the church appeared to be a good fit for us.

Sadly, the deliverance of the sermon left a lot to be desired in that the speaker could not stay on course. Perhaps IF he stood at the pulpit and used notes, the tendency to bounce around a topic might be reduced; as it was, two Sunday's in a row, the sermon was unclear and the scripture that was read, was not used during one of the sermons. The other sermon used the daily scripture, but the points were obscured by an incoherent delivery.

No one spoke to us, even tho we signed the visitor's book and passed it down the aisle both times we attended.

We will not go back unless we hear that the pastorship has changed.

I realize this is now eight year's old, but I want to add a few observations.

First, Dubuque is in Iowa, not Indiana.

Second, I was raised in this church, as was my mother.  My grandparents joined the church when they were married in 1918, so I have a bit more perspective on the church.

Third, when I grew up the church abandoned its downtown building and constructed a new building right across the street from the University of Dubuque which also has the Dubuque Presbyterian Seminary.  There was, and is, more than a whiff of seminary thought in the church, as a result.

Fourth, as I grew up the seminary and denomination were making great strides in liberal theology with the hallmark being the Confession of 1967.  There were a few conservative Presbyterians remaining when I was young, but they either died or moved to Third Presbyterian Church at the other side of Dubuque.

Fifth, Westminster was noted for its strong preaching under Gaylord Couchman, who performed my parents' wedding.  Following him was Richard Heydinger and then a succession of increasingly liberal ministers who seemed intent on pushing the limits of both the theology and the quality of the preaching.

Sixth, the net result was that the gospel was never preached at Westminster while I grew up.  Instead. we were given a steady diet of politically liberal harangues, motivational sermons, and the annual "give" (money) sermon.  I did not become a Christian until I was in college.

Thus, it comes as no surprise to me whatsoever that the preaching at Westminster is now utterly pathetic.  I think the ties that bind folks there are social (for many years it was the place where folks did their networking) and tradtional (the church where our family has always belonged.

For the life of me, I do not understand why anyone would want to join this church.