Saxe Gotha Presbyterian Church

5503 Sunset Blvd.
South Carolina
Senior Pastor: 
Rev. Dr. James D. "Jim" Glatz
A thriving community of believers "developing fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ"

This church has everything that a family needs- a devoted nursery staff, cry room, and children's and student ministries. The church is really devoted to developing the next generation of Chrisitans and nurturing them spiritually. One word that best describes this church family would be "community".



We visited Saxe Gotha multiple times because they have many good family programs, but frankly, we didn't sense that it was a thriving community of Christian believers.  This church seems to be Christian in name only.  This is a community of "church-goers" rather than committed followers of Jesus Christ. 

What's the difference, in your opinion, between a church-goer and a follower of Jesus? And remember that we focus on dialog, not debate here, and also that someone far more wise than me once said, "Judge not lest ye be judged."

"fully devoted followers" sounds really catchy - how is that working out for you in real life?

fully devoted is a high standard - My experience with church tells me that most of us are lucky to make it to "part time" followers of Jesus