Providence Church

35295 Detroit Rd
Senior Pastor: 
Jim Bzdafka
Evangelical Free

the worship was okay, the sermon was boring...but the building was packed and there were lots of kids and teens.  nice building


 Hey Acts 2,

I want to draw out your review a little more. If I was the pastor of this church and I saw this review I'd want to know how I could improve my preaching or make it less boring. Should the pastor use more engaging examples? Or was the sermon not relative to your experience? Should the pastor pick up a Fred Craddock or Barbara Brown Taylor book? 


he talked "up here" and was not all that engaging.  if i was a non-christian i dont know that i would have had any reason to listen or care what he was saying.  the bible is interesting, i would think preaching should be too, no?

Seems to be a disconnect here. "The building was packed and there were lots of kids and teens" doesn't fit with "the sermon was boring." Boring is a subjective observation of one sermon based on the reviewer's personal preference. The building was packed is an objective measurement of the effectiveness of the church. I'm glad both were presented. I'd want to go to this church to see why the building was packed.