Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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A Truely Free Church That Practices What It Preaches

It is a breath of fresh air to go somewhere that doesn't have another agenda (there pockets). It is a free Christian worship that welcomes all and all are welcome to participate. NO PAYED ministry, everyone gets to serve each other. This is what church is supposed to be like. A church centered around Jesus Christ and follows all his teachings. This is a church that is judged unjustly and with out prover cation, but would never return an unkind remark. You owe it to yourself to look into this church, and if you do you will know them by there fruits and the Spirit will witness the truth. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the same all over the world which makes it easy to find one where ever you are and when you travel, just look in the phone book and you will find one any where you go.


It's comments like if you go to this church " you will know them by there fruits and the Spirit will witness the truth" that I think are really off-putting and confusing for potential first time go-ers.

I am an athiest now (have been for about 10 years), but was a member of the LDS church from 12 - 19. From 20 - 29 I was heavily involved in various Baptist churches, and spoke often at other demonimations' services. I attended (but did not graduate from Arlington Baptist College). I say all this just for background. I have a widely diverse background with a lot of exposure to the LDS church, and after more than 20 years out of the LDS church I have no emotional clouding (I hope). Here's my input - without any religious judgements.

Visitors to the Latter Day Saints (LDS) churches will find first and foremost Friendliness. The church is very new person oriented and everyone is taught from a very early age how to make people feel welcomed and included.

The second thing you will notice is that there are no collection plates or "alter calls", as is often the case with many, especially Baptist and similar, churches.

The third thing you will notice is that there is no "preacher". Instead of a paid minister giving giving sermons, members of the church are assigned topics to "talk" on. These are called "Talks" and typically you will have 3 during a service, each from 5 - 20 minutes long.

The fourth thing you will notice is that, although they do use the King James Version of The Bible, they also use "The Book of Mormon" and two other "scriptures that you probably have never heard of. They consider all to be equal in truth, and use all of them together.

Then, the service will be over and you'll notice how Friendly they are all over again. Their friendliness is genuine, their interest in you is genuine, and their love of family is genuine. It can be overwhelming in a good way.

The one thing you won't immediately notice is that when you enter an LDS church you are entering a complete culture unlike almost any other church. Members of the LDS church overwhelmingly Live their faith. They aren't pushy, they are very sophisticated in their communications, and they genuinely care. At the same time, however, their goal is to have you become "A Member" of "The Church".

To say that proselyting is "taught" in the LDS faith is like saying walking to "taught" to an infant. To an infant walking is part of the environment, it's what you do, it's what occurs naturally. The same is true of proselyting in the LDS faith; as well as many of the cultural things you will notice. They are taught, but they aren't "taught". They just are.

A few final notes.
- The LDS church is very teen oriented. They have scores of activities, groups, leadership development, etc. It's truly impressive.
- All LDS churches are The Same. The exact same things are taught, the exact same procedures are followed, and the exact same attitutes and culture will be found. So, there is consistency no matter where you visit. All members of "The Church" instantly feel connected to all other members. It's a very comforting environment for this reason.
- 99% of all the leaders are totally unpaid (but very effective) lay leaders. No one you come across in a normal church setting is paid for what they do. Just about every member is "called" to perform some function (or functions). It develops the group as well as the individual.
- LDS members are open, and accepting. But, LDS beliefs are very structured and firm. This is a very comfortable environment, but don't let that make you think that the beliefs are negotiable.

I know I'm responding to my own response, but it would be unfair of me to leave this out.

Many "mainline" denominations (i.e. Baptist and similar) consider the LDS church's teachings and beliefs to be.... how should I put this generally?... Outside acceptable "Christian" beliefs. In other words many "mainline Christian" groups consider the LDS church to be a "cult". This isn't because of Poligamy (which hasn't been a part of the LDS church for 100 years), but rather their beliefs about the Trinity and other fundamental dogmas. Choose for yourself, judge for yourself. But after reading the initial post again, and knowing the general backgrounds of most US "Christians", I have to point out that the LDS church is different in many areas, including some basic beliefs that are similar in many ways to what you know, but different in many others.

why does everyone say this about themselves

"the Spirit will witness the truth"

Just want to chime in on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (aka The Mormon Church) based on my 43 years as a member. Although there is no collection plate per se at weekly meetings, members are expected to pay a mandatory 10% of their gross income (called tithing). If you don't pay this, you are deemed unworthy and forbidden from entering Mormon Temples (different than their churches, but even more important in their theology).

There is no paid ministry from the office of Stake President on down. All ecclesiastical leaders above that are paid (although they may call it a "stipend" or something similar).

The Mormon Church has not publicly released financial statement on how they spend their money since the 1950s so there is no means to verify that your donations are spent as the LDS Church claims.

I want to be sure to pass this on, since most of these kinds of these things are not mentioned to potential converts until after they are baptized.


 Take a pass on this one.  After many years attending, it becomes apparent that this is more a business similar to Amway than a church.  It demands all of your resources-time, talent, money, family.  In fact you are placed under oath to 'freely' give the church these things.  

 Mormons are not accepted as Christians by other churches, they sort of fit in the 'other' category.  If you are looking for a nice Christian church that you can go to once a week and enjoy, this is probably not the one for you.  


I was a member of The LDS Church for 20 years. I converted at age 18, became a missionary for the church in Las Vegas at age 19 and was married in the Logan Utah LDS Temple at age 22. In my time as a Mormon I was very much involved in many callings in the lay ministry including two Branch Presidencies (a branch is a church unit smaller than a ward and the 3 men who operate it are called the branch presidency). I resigned in 2002.

On the surface, the Mormon Church seems to be a very family oriented church. The people are pretty much the same as any other people except for the fact that they are taught to use their friendship with others as a tool to convert them to Mormonism. There was even a program in the 1980s called "I need a friend" in which we learned how to do this.

While my first few years in Mormonism were wonderful, I began to be bothered by what seemed to be an absloute, unquestioning obedience to the leadership in Salt Lake City. One of the oaths that I was required to make in the temple was an oath to never speak evil of the "Lord's Anointed". This leadership doctrine can be summed up in a quote from an LDS Church publication:

"When our leaders speak, the thinking has been done. When they propose a plan--it is God's Plan. When they point the way, there is no other which is safe. When they give directions, it should mark the end of controversy, God works in no other way. To think otherwise, without immediate repentance, may cost one his faith, may destroy his testimony, and leave him a stranger to the kingdom of God." Improvement Era, June 1945.

All Mormon Churches are run from the top down with the leaders in Salt Lake City setting policy to the local churches. If you have a problem with this sort of leadership style, it might be wise for you to continue your search for a church that fits you.....not one where you are required to fit the church.