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Honestly, it took me a while to figure out where I was, as sat in the second row, at Ardent's evening worship service. I had fallen asleep on the way there, and practically woke up as I sat in the service. This was the fourth church that I had been to that day, and I turned to my neighbor sitting next to me and asked "What's the name of this Church? Where are we?"
The thing that caught my attention the most about Benji Rhodes' Capitol Hill Church of the Undignified (besides the mouth-full of a name) was that fact that I see this church going places. Out of the several that I have seen in the Seattle Area, the Church of the Undignified is the one that I see doing amazing things for the community. Simply put, this group of 20 or so people, was the place that best represented the Church too me. Benji is a prophet of a leader, with a heart that just oozes all over you. His family is a part of his ministry in the most organic way possible.

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Words don't quite describe St. Marks Cathedral in Seattle. I attended their Sunday night compline service, which starts at 9:30p. As I walked in, there was natural sound barrier that I crossed. No...
Sunday morning at Mars Hill can be broken up into several segments for me. First is the aesthetics. The Mars Hill service on the Shoreline campus was astounding. In the middle of a wooded forest,...
These days, so many people are obsessed with seeker-sensitive models. They ask, "what things might scare away newcomers?" And then they get rid of those things. Churches become watered down...